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Retirement Plan Services

Help create the best tomorrow for those who give you their best today.

We are dedicated to helping your business deliver the best possible retirement plans to your employees, and at a competitive cost. A retirement plan is an important tool for attracting and retaining quality staff members. It’s a way for both employers and employees to save for the future and enjoy various tax advantages.

There are a wide variety of plans available to you as a business owner. Our experienced retirement plan specialists have the expertise to clearly discuss your options and offer comparisons. Throughout the process, you’ll have reliable, local professionals to help you and your employees find the plan that’s right for your business.

Our Services

As a business owner, you have a long list of daily priorities. Worrying about your retirement plan shouldn’t be one of them. We are proud to offer a turnkey experience for our business clients, making things as simple, convenient, and efficient as possible. You won’t need a separate record-keeper, administrator, and investment company. We can do it all—or any part of it. We offer every business client the following services.

  • Trust powers
  • Fiduciary services
  • Safekeeping of assets
  • Investment management
  • Participant accounting and fee disclosures
  • Online access for plan sponsor and employees
  • Compliance testing
  • Form 5500 annual tax return filing

Our Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is founded on a disciplined approach to capturing above-average returns while minimizing risk through sector diversification and fundamentally-sound securities.

To our investors, this means:

  • We believe that consistent investment management is crucial to achieving superior performance from medium-risk assumptions.
  • We choose mutual funds using a long-range investment strategy that consists of a blend of high-quality growth and value equities.
  • We believe in the long-term advantage of maintaining a fully-invested, diversified portfolio over market timing.
  • We avoid market fads and changing investment styles, having learned through experience the benefit of riding out inevitable market cycles.
  • We believe that volatility in the equity and fixed income markets is not only natural, but healthy, providing opportunities for the investor. In general, we try to add holdings when the market shows weakness, and lighten up when markets show strength.

The Benefits of Working with Us

We have the training and expertise to assist you in choosing the retirement plan and investment strategy that’s right for you and your business.

Consultative Approach

We know our customers are unique and deserve retirement plan options that meet their specific needs. We’re committed to providing a premier service, by providing you with a wide variety of choice and independence when setting up your retirement plan. We’ll help you select the options that best fit your needs.

Local Experts

You’ll work with local experts who care about the success of your retirement plan. We know how important your business is to you, so our decision makers are here every day to answer questions and provide personalized solutions.

Employee Education

Part of our service is helping your employees understand their options. We offer individual consultations and group sessions to explain your plans, how they work, and how much you as the employer contribute. We’ll come to your location, set up the accounts, and provide educational materials for you and your employees. And because we’re nearby, we can help inform employees of any changes or updates.

Additionally, we are always available to assist you and your employees as they transition into retirement, providing them personal financial and estate planning information.

Online Tools

Your employees will enjoy 24/7 access to their account online, where they can transfer and reallocate investments, access independent research, and use our retirement planning calculator.

Retirement Plan Options

401(k) and Other Retirement Plans

Support your business and employees with a variety of 401(k) and other retirement plans. We offer plans to suit your needs, from cost-effective plans for small businesses to multi-fund family investment options.


A savings incentive match plan for employees IRA gets an acronym that describes it pretty well: SIMPLE. You can contribute to an individual tax-deferred retirement plan either for yourself or your employees. Match employee contributions up to 3% of their salary and take tax-deductions for your company’s contributions.

Simplified Employee Pensions (SEP)

A simplified employee pension plan (SEP) is an easy way for your business to contribute directly to an employee’s retirement savings. You can better provide for your employees’ retirement with a higher contribution maximum than other accounts